CONTEST! Rate EASY SURF and win a DUOTONE board

Contest! Win a DUOTONE board!


We want to give You a reward. For something what might be really simple for You, but for us is really important – Your reviews online!

We decided to give a prize for those who write opinions and recomendations about EASY SURF. Exactly one of You, who we will draw at the end of this year. You can win a brand new board made by DUOTONE - straight from the factory.

Take part in our contest and check if You have a good luck ;)


What are the rules?

1. First of all, You have to be an EASY SURF client (maybe You are already or You will become soon). Doesn't matter if You visit one of our schools: EASY SURF Chałupy 6, EASY SURF Keros, EASY SURF El Gouna or You join one of our trips organized by EASY SURF Travel. Get to know us and than... 

2. Rank! Write a review on our profile on Facebooku or TripAdvisor. Just be honest ;) Not the nicest opinion will win, but just an opinion published in certain time.

3. The reviews can be posted here:

- Fan Page EASY SURF Chałupy 6

- Fan Page EASY SURF El Gouna

- Fan Page EASY SURF Keros

- Fan Page EASY SURF Travel  

- TripAdvisor EASY SURF Chałupy 6

- TripAdvisor EASY SURF Keros

4. Set an alarm in Your phone at Monday 16th of December 2019 - this is the day when we will make the draw.

5. You can have more than just one "ticket" if You write reviews on more than one profile. For an example, if You visit our school in Lemnos, You can write on Facebook and TripAdvisor, what will give You two tickets. If You visit us also in Egypt for instance and You do the same, writing recomendations on FB and TA, than You have already 4 tickets! 

6. Finally – the prize! Lucky one will get kite board made by DUOTONE (2020 edition). Different board is waiting for a lady than for a man.

7. The prize will be sent by post - straight under Your Christmas Tree.

8. In the draw will take part all the recomendations made ONLY in 2019 (also those posted before the contest was announced). Exactly from 1.01.2019 till 10.12.2019.

9. Even if You were our client long time ago, still You can post a review and join the contest! 

10. Nor the EASY SURF team members neither their families can't attend the lottery.  


What are you waiting for?

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