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Storage and Rescue

The Storage and Rescue Pack are mandatory fees for customers who have their own equipment and want to use our beach, the club's infrastructure and the rescue service. The Rescue Pack is not mandatory for non-riders.

The Rescue pack fees include:

  • storage of kitesurfing gear - one storage cell per person
  • windsurfing equipment storage - one board and 2-4 sails hanging without booms
  • beach boys assistance
  • usage of the club's infrastructure
  • technical support
  • boat assistance

The Rescue Pack can only be offered to kitesurfers with a minimum IKO Level 2 Certificate.


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Storage and Rescue 10 € 55 € 112 € 158 €

Price includes

  • Storage of kitesurfing equipment (1 box), or windsurfing (1 board and 2-4 sails without booms)
  • Boat assistance – free of charge rescue only in situations of real danger. The first rescue is free, each additional - 10 € / rescue.
  • Beach boys assistance and usage of station infrastructure

Price does not include

  • Rescue Assistance carried out due to lack of skills - minimum IKO level 2 for kitesurfers – price: 10 € / rescue
  • Lost board rescue - to which the kitesurfer can not bodydrag upwind – price: 10 € / rescue



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