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Windsurfing Course for Beginners

From zero to windsurfer!

The individual windsurfing course is designed for customers who had never been in contact with windsurfing or have had some basic lessons but never got to the level of planing. We offer different packages depending on your expectations and availability.  If you only want to see if windsurfing is a sport for you, take an individual lesson and if you like it and would like t to continue, we can always extend the course to a promotional package of 5+2 or 10+3, where you get FREE extra hours of equipment to practice after your lessons.

You can take the individual course by yourself or with friends to train in small groups of 2-3 people. If you already master the basics and can cruise, please check our offers on the training for intermediate riders. 

Course outline:

The training programme is individually tailored to students’ needs and abilities. During the beginner's lessons, you will practice the following:

  • Construction of the board and mastering balance on the board
  • Construction of the rig and ways how to carry it
  • Removing the rig out of the water and up-houl start
  • Cruising and keeping the direction
  • Making first fast tacks
  • Riding upwind
  • Beach start
  • Use of foot straps and harness
  • First attempts in planing

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Course 1 person   2 persons   3 persons   
Individual lesson 1h40 € 1h30 € / person 1h25 €/ person
Windsurfing Course 5+2 5h + 2175 € 5h + 2115 € / person 5h + 2100 € / person
Windsurfing Course 10+3 10h + 3340 € 10h + 3220 € / person 10h + 3190 € /person

Price includes

  • A selected number of hours of lessons with a certified instructor
  • Classes tailored to students’ skills and abilities
  • Equipment for the duration of the course
  • Additional hours of equipment rental for self-practice  (+2 or +3) – FREE

Price does not include

  • 15% discount in FIRST MINUTE offer! Book your course, pay an advance till the end of March and make it cheaper! Then visit us between 10th of June and 15th of September to take your lessons!
  • Wetsuit rental (optional): 20 € / for the duration of the course

Why should you book early?

  • You can get 15% discount in FIRST MINUTE offer. Book your course, pay an advance till the end of March and make it cheaper! Then visit us between 10th of June and 15th of September to take your lessons!
  • Your lesson time will be scheduled prior to your arrival and your instructor will wait for you to save your time and avoid disappointment
  • Early booking allows you to choose the instructor that speaks your language

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