Keros Bay

One place, three different types of spots

Keros Bay is one of the few places in the world where we can find three kinds of conditions in one place, starting from the same beach:

  • Super flat water – just take 2-3 tacks up the bay and find the perfect spot for freestyle. Location of the bay characterizes in offshore wind area on the top of it. Offshore wind creates flat water perfectly suitable for training tricks. Due to low terrain there is no risk of gusts and we can enjoy smooth and steady wind. Water depth allows safe tricks execution and perfect place to practice new moves.
  • Small chop - in front of our kite school conditions are similar to our spot in the Hel Peninsula and in El Gouna, Egypt.  Shallow water (spread up to 80-150 meters from the shore) and only slight chop makes the conditions perfect for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers and windsurfers. The bottom is sandy, with no reef, rocks or sea urchins.
  • Gentle waves – taking short, few hundred meters downwind ride from the kite school towards to bottom of the bay you will find small, very gently breaking waves. The waves break in the shallow water making the area an ideal place for those more advanced riders wanting to make first steps in wave riding.


Safety bay with a sandy bottom

Keros Bay is a very safe spot. The wind blows here generally along the shore or at an angle to and from shore - depending on the location in the bay. The bottom is sandy, the water clean and transparent, and shallow for about 80-150 meters from the shore! The beaches are sandy and wide – so finding a spot to rig equipment is easy. There is no significant tidal movements, so the water level stays almost the same throughout the day.

Very good wind statistics

The island has a very good wind statistics. From June to September, the famous Meltemi caused by a pressure difference between the Balkans and Turkey blows daily from 4 to 6 Beauforts. Direction of wind: North and North East with reliable daily wind from morning until late afternoon. Most of the times you need small kites and sails (18-25 knts) although there are days for larger sizes.

Excellent and reliable weather

Another advantage is the excellent weather, especially during the summer months from June to September. Sunshine, average temperature from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, warm water and almost zero rain! No wetsuit required during this time. If you plan to visit at the beginning or at the end of the season you might find 3mm long or short wetsuit handy. Rain on the island is a rare phenomenon and may appear only briefly, at the beginning or end of the season.

Other spots

Apart from Keros Bay you will find few less popular spots, which can be reached in 15-30 minutes by car.

  • Kotsinas - bay on the north tip of the island with onshore wind and approximately 100 meter long stretch of shallow water. Wind is usually stronger here than in the Keros Bay.
  • Red Rock - wave spot located south of Keros. During strong wind days you can enjoy 2-3 meter high waves with side on shore wind – safe place to practice wave riding with very long, sandy beach. The best conditions form on the top of the bay near the famous red rock (hence the name of the spot) but riding with caution is required.
  • Gomati -wave spot located on the northern coast of the island. Good conditions are created when strong wind blows (quite often) and the waves can reach up to few meters high. More challenging conditions with mix of sand and stones on the sea bottom.

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