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Tourist Attractions

Beautiful  beaches  are  just  beggining!

Among countless attractions of Limnos everyone will find something for themselves. Kitesurfing and windsurfing is our best seller, but we have a lot of interesting options for your free time. Spectacular views, valuable monuments and historical sites but also local, phenomenal cuisine and other activities are going to make your holiday a successful one.


Capital of the island and also its main attraction. City landscape along with the historic, one of the largest in Greece, Byzantine castle built in 12th century create beautiful scenery over the urban beaches and harbor. Ambient streets in truly Greek style, local taverns and artisan shops are just some of the citys attractions. You will find traditional villages, with stunning architecture just outside the city - our favorites are Kontias, Kontopouli, Thanos, Kaspakas and Platy. And its all within an hour drive from Myrina.


Sand dunes

Lemnos sand dunes are rare phenomenon. They resemble a huge desert when standing among them and are one of a kind on European scale. It’s a must to take a photo-souvenir with this breathtaking view. 



This traditional Greek village is located closest to the bay of Keros – our home spot. The village undertook major renovation changes under the "Varos Village" project in order to recreate traditional buildings and ambience of the old Greek style. Varos is definitely a charming little place to hang out.



Limnos (Lemnos) is famous for its beautiful churches that can be found in every town and village. Panagias Kotsinas in Varos is one of the more beautiful churches to visit. There is underground water source believed to be sacred, hence you will find Greeks from all over the country paying a visit.


Rocks at Faraklo

Faraklo is a place near the village of Atsiki, on the island of Limnos (Lemnos). The feature that makes the place worth visiting is the volcanic rock formations coming in very odd shapes.


Diving and snorkeling

Limnos is famous for its crystal clear water, perfect for diving and snorkeling. Due to its specific archaeological conditions you must register at the dive center, which offers wide range of courses and family snorkeling trips. We highly recommended the ruins of the sunken city.


Cycling and quad biking

The easiest way to admire beautiful views of the island is by bicycle. With almost flat terrain, 200 km of tarmac roads and gentle slopes – you will find the conditions ideal for cycling expedition for the whole family. Lovers of mountain bikes will also find many off roads routes to enjoy. For motor vehicle enthusiasts there are also quads and scooters rental facilities. Price per day is approximately 20 euros. Rental bikes and quads are available in the center of Myrina.



Learn the secrets of traditional fishing with the locals. There are many places where you can rent equipment and use the services of a local guide. At the end of the day make and try Kakaviia – a local fish soup made from your catch of the day! Where: Port of Myrina, boat ANEMOS organizes daily trips.


Walking and running

For fans of running and long distance walkers Lemnos offers ideal training conditions: flat routes, countless monuments, beautiful views and easy navigation will make your training for the next marathon easy and pleasureable.


Thermal Springs

Thermal springs and bath goes back to 1546 when Turkish occupants built it. Today springs are great place of relaxation and therapeutic treatments, among others, the famous Lemnia Land mud bath.


Bird watching

Lemnos is a great place to observe many species of birds, including the spectacular pink flamingos. Chortarolimni wetlands are rich in 30 species of exotic birds - magnificent views for nature lovers with striking backgrounds. Take a camera!


St. John Waterfalls

Located near St. John beach offers impressive views with water rushing down from 15 meters down. Area where the water is falling shaped over the time a small pool - home for turtles, crabs and eels.



Going back to 5500 BC was Europes first organized city. Built on the seafront above the bay with views of the sun rising slowly from the sea. Take a walk on the streets and among olive and laurel trees and fell like you are back in time. We especially recommend visiting Poliochni in August, when full moon is the biggest and the brightest – truly magical place.



Second major city in ancient times was Hefaistia – city dedicated to ancient God of fire – Hephaestus. Summer festivals are especially interesting to attend, so if you are around in August give it a go.



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