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Where to eat ?

Try a taste of Greece!

Limnos (Lemnos) offers excellent choice of traditional and delicious food. Every village has a tavern or a few, where usually simple, local style meals are offered. Rich in taste and sourced from local fishermen and farmers seafood and meats are cooked to perfection in truly Greek style. Don’t be surprised to be personally attended by the owner who except of ensuring your food tastes divine will also make sure your carafe is full of wine. Fruits and vegetables are grown locally on the island. Local cheese and homemade wine will leave your taste buds fully satisfied. Unique Lemnos flavours cannot be compared to anything else.

Έννοια πο χς  - Lychna

Do not worry - we also don’t know how to read or pronounce the name. Located in the village of Lychna (Lichna) – just 10 minutes away from our spot, with tables facing the church. It looks simple but looks should not mislead you! Restaurant offers tasteful home made food in Tapas style. We have tried it numerous number of times and never got disappointed. We strongly recommend our favorite: Fava with octopus.

Veranda Restaurant – Varos, Village Traditional Hotel

Located in Varos Village Complex is opened for guest and non-guests of the hotel. Beautiful views over Moudros Bay, delightful food made with passion and just 10 minutes from the spot. Well worth it!

Mouragio - Kotsinas

Located few kilometers away from the spot offers fresh fish and seafood, as well as Greek classics like Moussaka. Ideal place for a romantic dinner with sunset views!

Mantella Taverna  - Sardes

Despite being located quite far from the spot we highly recommend to visit this restaurant due to its unique, local style and grilled specials: souvlaki, gyros and amazing house wines. Currently rated as number one restaurant on the island!

Flomari - Gomati

Flomari restaurant offers beautiful views over the wave spot. Menu have a wide selection of seafood but we offer local special: Flomari pasta – hence the name of the restaurant.

Kosmos Taverna - Myrina

Kosmos Tavern in Myrina city is located in beautiful harbor with views over the port and sea. Mainly offers fresh fish at good prices.

Sinialo - Myrina

Island style restaurant, characteristic for smaller places in Lemnos. We recommend fresh meat dishes and local bestseller – traditional fried cheese. Always full!

Ouzeri to 11 - Myrina

Located off the beaten track, but worth mentioning if you are seafood lover. Menu based on seafood – mussels, clams, oysters, scallops and more. It is definitely worth checking it out.

Taste Lemnos - Moudros

Taste Lemnos is an unique experience for those looking for something extra. Family business involves all generations and offers cooking classes, cheese and wine tasting, as well as being part of production and farming process. Great experience and one of a kind adventure.


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