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Michał Lussa "Lussik"

My adventure with water began when I was just 3 months old. My parents took me for 2 weeks sailing adventure in a small cabin yacht. Without electricity, running water and a washing machine ;) I grew up by the water and tried sailing at first. Later I converted to wind and kitesurfing in search of adrenaline rush. Today what I enjoy the most is waves - both with a kite and classic surfing. I visited most of the best spots in the world. I love to travel – from February to April you will find me in El Gouna, from May to September I travel between Chalupy and Limnos. The rest of the year you will meet me in Brazil, Mauritius or other windy destinations. I am a PSW windsurfing instructor and IKO level 2 kitesurfing instructor. At EASY SURF I'm responsible for ... almost everything; from finance, marketing and organization to training.

Contact me by e-mail: m.lussa@easy-surf.com or call me: +48 513 020 571


Piotr Szlagowski "Camel"

Love what you do. Do what you love. As a young boy I made up my mind that I would teach sports. And I did everything to make it happen. I finished Poznan University of Physical Education (AWF) and specialized as instructor in following sports disciplines: snowboarding, skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing.  Then I opened wind & kite school in Hel followed by Snow and Ski school in Alps. I spent all life on the water and snow. I never counted how many people I taught, but it must be thousands. What gives me the most fun is kitesurfing, as a safe combination of sailing, hang-gliding and acrobatics. Dynamic development of the sport in different directions truly fascinates me. Few years ago I developed tandem kite surfing  (suitable for adults and children) – where two person can ride on one board. For this I designed a special board made by NOBILE Kiteboarding. Until now I stay active as instructor and I am responsible for the quality of the training at RedSeaZone / EASY SURF El Gouna. Still looking for better ways. You are in good hands kitesurfing with us. You can also meet me on a SUP Board, wakeboard, snapping photos or playing guitar on a stage at Ja'Monday!

E-mail me: camel@easy-surf.com or call me: +48 508 161 508


Kacper Kamiński

My windsurfing adventure started in Chałupy, which I consider my home spot. I spent several seasons running windsurfing and kitesurfing shop, so I truly feel at home here! Along with studies at University of Physical Education came love for sailing. I began competing as amateur in Omega class regatta. The love for sailing survived until today, just size of the yacht got bigger and I got few more papers with it: Yacht Skipper and Motorboat Helmsman. Later on I tried kitesurfing, which as a windsurfer, I approached with caution. Now I cannot imagine going for a trip without my kite bag! In addition to sport only trips we also organize events such as KiteJamboree at EASY SURF El Gouna (spring and autumn edition). I had a pleasure to be part of it for the past few years and it has been a blast! I love travelling, not only to wind and kitesurfing spots but also for sailing and skiing. At EASY SURF I take care of travel and marketing organization ... YES! Our ads, newsletters, leaflets, social media or YouTube videos are my own doings ;)

E-mail me: kacper@easy-surf.com or call me: +48 534 295 399


Sharing our knowledge is the basis of an instructor's work. We love doing it so we created a special blog for you where you can find articles about interesting issues related to windsurfing or kitesurfing. We write reports from our trips and present instructional videos.

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